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All About Countertop Installation and Maintenance


Below you'll find some useful information and frequently asked questions we receive about countertop installation and maintenance. Of course, we also encourage you to speak with us regarding all your custom countertop needs in Burlington. Simply give us a call!


What are standard manufacturing lead times for laminate countertops?

Our normal lead times for laminate countertops range from 2-4 weeks. The colour you choose determines how long it takes to receive your order.


Why do surface scratches show on some colours more than others?

Surface scratches are more easily detectable on darker patterns and less textured surfaces. For the darker patterns, this is driven by the contrast between the color of the scratch and the color of the pattern. When scratched, the paper layer tends to have a light-coloured appearance.


Can a new sheet of laminate be glued onto an existing laminate/countertop?

No, we do not recommend this practice.


Can laminate counters be painted?

Special paints are available to paint a melamine decorative surface. However, we do not recommend this practice.


How can a damaged laminate countertop be repaired?

Seamfill can be used to hide or repair small dents and scratches. Seamfill can be purchased through Richelieu in Mississauga. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to replace the entire countertop.


How can you clean your laminate countertop?

To clean a laminate surface, simply wipe with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. For stubborn stains, use an all-purpose cleaner, with a damp cloth. For really tough stains, create a paste composed of baking soda and water. Using your cloth, scrub gently in a circular motion. Keep in mind that excessive scrubbing can dull or damage the finish.


Is there a warranty on laminate countertops?

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty.


Can a cooktop be installed on a laminate countertop?

Yes, a cooktop can be installed on a laminate countertop.


Why does We R Tops recommend seeing a larger sample of some patterns?

Some designs, such as the Formica FX series vary in colour/design from what is shown on a 2” x 3” sample chip. In viewing a larger sample, you will see that the colour/design will be more representative of what the actual counter will look like.


What is the thickness of a laminate countertop?

The thickness of a laminate countertop is 3/4” with a 3/4” front edge detail. Therefore, the overall thickness of your counter without build-up would be ¾” and with build-up, will be 1 ½”.


Can laminate counters be used outdoors?

No, laminates cannot be used outdoors.

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